Have you ever wanted to fly online as realistically as possible like a real airline pilot?

This is your chance to stick to a schedule and fly on busy frequency just like in real life.

We warmly invite you to Frankfurt RealOps 2019 on Saturday, the 22th of June from 1500z until 2100z.

Stick to the procedures and slot times based on the real schedule and let yourself be thrilled by the magic of commercial aviation in Frankfurt as well as the professional service offered by our controllers.

Have fun and join us on board!

When? 22. June 2019 from 1500z until 2100z
Where? Frankfurt am Main Airport (EDDF)

Questions? Discord | Email



Flights booked (154/309)


Departures booked (59/81)


Arrivals booked (95/228)



Of course you can also fly without a booking, however you may expect some delays as flights with a slot have the precedence.
You can book maximum 3 flights.
It is a unique chance to stick to a strict schedule when preparing your flight in order to comply with your slot time and on the other hand we can ensure a continuous traffic flow to avoid delays.
Feel free to get in touch with us at events@vatger.net.

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RG Frankfurt

RG Frankfurt