Training process

A detailed discription of the training process in RG Frankfurt is availible: Download (German)
For IVAO members, these guidelines are also very important: Download (German)

Training documents

In this list of documents you will find theoretical explanations of many training contents (not just TWR!). The documents are each listed under the title of a training unit (see syllabus). For this training unit you have to prepare and learn the contents of the mentioned documents. As explained in the syllabus, parts of the above theory are requested at the beginning of the related training sessions, and dealing with the documents should be in your own interest. It is also highly recommended to regularly refresh the theoretical knowledge with the documents linked here.

Basic Lesson

Tower Lesson

1st Tower training Stuttgart/EDDS

2nd Tower training Stuttgart/EDDS

Admission Frankfurt/EDDF

CPT Preparation Training

We wish you all a successful education with us in the regional group Frankfurt. Have fun!


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