It is 8pm: The evening rush hour begins. Now all jets and airliners want to departs at the same time to deliver their passengers on time to places all over the world. Every 2 minutes a plane departs beacause time is money. Therefore, a smooth handling is very important. While more and more aircrafts are waiting for their departure clearance on the ground, the airspace above the airport is also getting crowded. Just like a spider web, the airways in the sky lead in all possible directions. Especially now it's important to keep a cool head: air traffic controllers need to have a picture of the situation at all times and make the right decisions, because the whole traffic flow depends on them. They direct each aircraft from A to B. They are in continuous contact with the cockpit and instruct pilots to descend, ascend or change direction. They are supported at all times by a radar image, which provides them with accurate information about all movements on the ground and in the sky. This is the only way to keep the necessary overview.
3 hours later: It is getting quiet around Germany. Most pilots have safely reached their destination airport without realizing what is needed to make their flight safe. But that does not matter, the main thing is that everyone is happy: the passengers, the pilots, but also the controllers.

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